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Welcome to MP3-ringtones.net, Free mp3 ringtones download for your mobile phone. We offer the new sensation in mobile entertainment; real tones also known as mp3 ringtones. With this tones it’s possible to play real music and voices. To promote this new item, we offer several mp3 tones for free. Have fun!
Why do you offer covered tones, instead of tones from the real artists?

The recordcompanies want us to pay very high royalties for the use of real music and artistnames in mp3 tones. Offering covered tones means we don’t have to pay the high royalties, this way the tones are much cheaper.

The future of ringtones:
What’s in the stars for ringtones? New technologies are surfacing with regards to how you can make your phone ring. Let’s look at them:

Audio real ringtones
Today, virtually no phone goes on the market without including an audio recorder capable of recording 3 to 4 minutes of your voice, typicalily for use as a dictation device. The next obvious step is to let you assign these voice recordings as your ringtone. You could then record something like: “You’ve got a call” or even use your dog’s barking. The Nokia 3100 and some Siemens phones include that function.

Real tones:
The future is clearly to using MP3 files (an audio format used to save a song on computers) as your phone’s ringtone. But it requires sufficient memory as the average MP3 file weights more than 3 Megabytes. That’s the reason why the MP3 ringtone function is mostly seen on PDA phones, these devices that combine a palmtop computer and a cell phone and usually have lots of memory. But with camera phones come the need to add memory to these handsets anyway, which will also motivate manufacturers to include an MP3 ringtone function. Some examples of phones with the MP3 ringtone function include the Sony Ericsson P900 and the Nokia N-Gage and the Motorola V600. Almost every phone released in 2005 will have mp3 ringtones functionality.

Real tones are here to conquer the world.